What Is GenieTv?

First and foremost GenieTv is a Free to use Kodi addon developed and maintained by the GenieTv Team along with several other developers and playlisters.

The addon consists of many sections and content types such as Live Channels, Movies, Tv Shows, Documentaries, Music, Maintenance and System Tweaks along with many other sections.

GenieTv also offers two premium services GeniePlex and GenieTv Ultimate

Content Included on Premium Packages Is Summarised Here

What Version Of Kodi Do I Need?

At GenieTv we have our own versions of the Apps for Android available in our App Centre for both 16 and 17 users with GenieTv already built in ready to use.

If using Android 4.4 or above we recommend using GenieTv Diamond a fork of Kodi 17.

If using Android 5.0 or below you can also use GenieTv Platinum a fork of Kodi 16.

If using other operating systems visit The Kodi Website for the latest version of the software.

What Devices Can I Use?

How Do I Set It Up?

Install GenieTv On Kodi

Follow This Link

Purchasing Premium Services:

Simply Follow The Link Below

GenieTv Store

Setup GeniePlex

Follow This Link

Setup GenieTv Ultimate On:

All Android Devices

Mag Devices

Enigma Devices

Smart Tvs

Within Kodi

What Happens When I Make A purchase?

Connections are made manually,
please allow us time to receive and process orders,
You will then be contacted for your login details.

Your Patience On This Matter Is Appreciated:

Once A Payment Is Made The Order Is Then Sent To A Server Panel While Payment Is Checked And Processed.

The Order Once Verified Is Sent To A Manned Panel Along With Any Necessary Details To Create Your Account.

A HUMAN BEING Once Available Will Then Pick Up This Information And Manually Make The Connection And Forward Details Onto You Via Email.

This All Takes Time, Although We Endeavour To Do This As Quick As Possible We Are Only Human.

An Email Minutes After Making An Order Is Not Appreciated.

Any And All Abuse Will Be Met With A Swift Refund, This And Any Future Requests From Your IP Address And Payment Method Will Be Blocked On All GenieTv Platforms.

Buffering, What Is It? How Can I Stop It?

What Is Buffering?

When watching a streaming video on your smart TV or through a media streamer/network media player,
there is nothing more annoying than constant stopping and starting and/or showing a screen that reads "loading."
To prevent the video from stopping to load, your networked component "buffers" the video. That is,
it downloads the video ahead of what you are watching so you don't have to wait for more of the video to be received by your player.

When the streaming video catches up to the point where the file has been downloaded,
there may be a wait. The result is the dreaded "loading" screen and a pause in the movie playback.

If the streaming video reaches a point where it has to wait until more information is downloaded,
the video will pause and you will see rotating arrow or spinning circle in the middle of your TV screen.
Once the available video stream catches up - the video will begin to play again.

This process may take just a few seconds or may last several minutes. Also, if the video is long (such as a movie or TV show)
- you may encounter several of these "buffering" sessions during your viewing time
- which is definitely quite annoying.

Sometimes this is the result of a technical problem with the content provider or your internet service,
but most of the time it is the result of too many devices in your location using the internet at the same time.

However, most of the time, it is simply a function of your internet speed.

How Can I Stop It?

The Awful Truth "no matter what you read" You Cannot.

However You Can Aid It In Many Ways, But Most Important Of All.

Reset Your Router Regularly.
Your Router Is The Terminal For Your Internet Access At Home
Anything And Everything You Can Do To Help IT, DO.
A Simple Unplug And Leave Without Power For FIve Or So Minutes Is The Best Fix For Releasing Locked Up Resources.
A Reboot Will Clear Cached Data And Historic Data Stored Within Your Router From Its Last Reboot. Which Was?.... Never

Seek Out And Eliminate Any Isp Restrictions.
A Very Detailed Guide On How To Achieve This Can Be Found Here

THAT GOD AWFUL QUESTION, where can i watch the match?

How To Locate Most Major Matches Have Been Kindly Laid Out For You With Corresponding Channels By Our Admin On The Link Below

GenieTv Football

This Is Updated On An Almost Daily Basis Though Not A Paid Perk So We Accept No Complaints If It Is'nt

Highlights Of Some Major Events And Even The Occasional Full Match Replays Can Also Be Found On This Page

How Much Are The Premium Services?